Hiking ALTA VIA N.1 of the Dolomites

Accommodation: several refuges
Performance: 5 guided tours, 4 overnight
Dates: 17. - 21.08.2020
Price: per person: 690 €
Number of participants: min. 6

The Alta Via N.1 of the Dolomites is a guided hiking tour is usually only feasible in multiple days subdivided into many stages based at mountain huts and/or shelters.
These spectacular itineraries cut right through the Dolomites moving from valley to valley, east to west or north to south.

The Dolomites are a mountain range in the east Alps in Italy. They are located mostly in the Veneto province and some parts of Trentino and South Tyrol provinces. There is one national (Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi) and several regional parks in the Dolomites. In 2009, the Dolomites were declared a natural World Heritage site by UNESCO.


Program hiking Alta Via delle 1 of the Dolomites:

1th day: at 10am starting point at the lake di Braies. Ascent to the reufge Sennes a 2160 m, overnight. Total walking time: 3,20 hours. Ascent: 800 m.

2th day: we go down to Pederù and then we go up along the Val di Fanes up to the refuge Lavarella a 2050 m. Total walking time: 3,30h. Ascent: 590 m.

3th day: from lake Limo we arrive at the alpe Fanes and after on the fork del Lago at 2480m, and we come to the refuge Lagazuoi a 2756 m, overnight. Total walking time: 4,40h, Ascent: 1100 m.

4th day: from the refuge Lagazuoi you pass through the war tunnel, excavated by the Alpine during the world war in July 1916, and you arrive at the Falzarego. Then we go up to the Cinque Torri and for a nice path we arrive at the refuge Corda da Lago at 2046 m, overnight. Total walking time: 4 1/2 h, Ascent: 100m, descent: 670 m.

5th day: from the refuge Croda da Lagogo up to the fork Ambrizzola at 2277 m, and we continue to the fork  Col Roan at 2075 m. Here we leave the Alta Via 1 and go down the path 458 to San Vito di Cadore. Total walking time: 3 1/2 h. Ascent: 220 m, descent 840 m.
Return by taxi to the lake of Braies. (extra cost)

hiking alta via 1 Dolomites

the hiking route: Alta Via n. 1 of the Dolomites

hiking alta via 1 Dolomites

trekking in the Dolomites

hiking alta via 1 Dolomites

nice flowers in the Dolomites

the Dolomites Fanes

view from the top Furcia Rossa to the Dolomites